Annual Report 2015

We Develop Customer Focused Solutions

We are a global technology company focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission-critical wireless applications and antenna systems.

Our aim is to be a trusted partner to our customers by delivering problem-solving solutions through Innovation, Reliable Fulfilment, and Speed.

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Financial Highlights



(2014: $932.0M)


(2014: £564.9M)

Underlying Profit Before Tax


(2014: £63.2M)

Underlying Basic Earnings Per Share


(2014: 19.1P)

Statutory Reported Loss After Tax


(2014: GAIN OF £50.2M)

Dividends Per Share


(2014: 12.5P)



Picture of Dr Martin Read

Chairman’s Statement

‘We now have an excellent platform from which to develop our business’

Dr Martin Read, CBE


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Picture of David Lockwood

CEO’s Review

‘Three years ago we set out to create a business that could achieve year-on-year growth’

David Lockwood, OBE

Chief Executive

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Picture of Tony Quinlan

CFO’s Statement

‘Our strong balance sheet provides solid foundations on which to both grow and diversify our business’

Tony Quinlan

Chief Financial Officer

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Market opportunities


Enhancing and Protecting Componenets and Systems to Make EIOT Possible

Billions of people using billions of things, billions of times a day, creates real challenges for networks and devices. Cell towers simply can’t deliver the ever-increasing bandwidth that so much Internet activity requires, particularly in high density areas such as airports and stadia. So our antennas expand bandwidth and coverage, ensuring uninterrupted communications in any conditions. In addition, the ‘always-on’ nature of devices creates thermal issues that impair connectivity. Our shielding solutions provide optimum temperatures, making sure that devices always perform at their best.

With a reputation for being first to prototype and first to manufacture, we help OEM’s be first to market in order to seize competitive advantage in a sector that will be worth $9bn by 2020.

Picture of Anders Kottenauer, SVP, Engineered Thermal Solutions and Jack Cowper, SVP, Infrastructure Antenna Systems

Anders Kottenauer

SVP, Engineered Thermal Solutions

Jack Cowper

SVP, Infrastructure Antenna Systems


Mobile Devices

Reliable Solutions in an ‘Always-On’ World

Smartphones in existence


Mobile devices are the hubs of the new, connected world. Today, there are 4.3bn smartphones in existence. That’s set to rise to 5.1bn in 2017 – equivalent to 80% of the world’s population.

The functionality of phones and devices such as wearables increases with each generation. And the success of our customers depends on their ability to constantly innovate and design products that are smaller, lighter, more reliable and more desirable. At Laird, our opportunity is to use our RF knowledge and skills to enable our customers’ futures, helping them add value to their products – at speed, with complete confidence and backed by unrivalled support.

Picture of Naoto Mizuta, SVP, Performance Materials

Naoto Mizuta

SVP, Performance Materials

Connected Industry

Mission-Critical Technology for Use in Hostile and Remote Conditions

Machine-to-machine connections by 2018


For industry, productivity is everything. Not only when measured by metrics such as volume and cost, but also in terms of wastage, safety and how assets are utilised. By 2018, there will be 7.1m machine-to-machine connections in industry. And that figure is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 23%. Some analysts forecast that by 2025, companies that adopt EIoT will be at least 10% more profitable than those that don’t.

Working closely alongside customers in sectors such as aerospace, automotive and oil & gas, our technology is enabling industrial-strength connectivity in dense, complex signal and extreme environments – powering communications and data that accelerate critical workflows.

Rick Morse, SVP, Wireless Automation and Control Solutions

Rick Morse

SVP, Wireless Automation and Control Solutions

Connected Medical

Improving Efficiency in the Face of Unprecedented Challenges

Ageing populations, increasing hospital admissions and rising costs mean that healthcare services worldwide are seeking new approaches to efficiency. EIoT is an integral part of the solution, with estimates indicating that it will be worth $2.5tn in the medical sector by 2025. We’re helping medical OEMs realise their vision of the connected hospital – a world without wires where staff can monitor patients effectively across a secure network, even when those patients are mobile. Designed for the harshest of environments, our embedded Bluetooth modules and Wi-Fi enabled devices are already driving increases in productivity, efficiency and patient outcomes.

Picture of SS Park, SVP, Model Solution and Scott Lordo, SVP, Connectivity Solutions

SS Park

SVP, Model Solution

Scott Lordo

SVP, Connectivity Solutions

Connected Transport

Preventing Accidents, Reducing Gridlock and Driving Efficiency

Connected cars on the road by 2020


Imagine a world where accidents reduce because cars are communicating with each other and with road infrastructure… where manufacturers carry out diagnosis wirelessly while you’re on the move… and where truck and rail fleets are managed safely and efficiently by remote control.

Increasingly, people expect cars to deliver the same connected experience as home and work. By 2020, we estimate that there will be 250m connected cars on the road, driving an automotive connectivity market valued at $38.7bn. The global leaders in shark fin antenna technology, we’re already helping many of the world’s manufacturers build connectivity into their vehicles. The transport sector is already connecting like never before – and the pace is only going to quicken.

Picture of Steve Brown, SVP, Telematics

Steve Brown

SVP, Telematics

Case Studies


Strategy 2016 Priorities

In 2016 our strategy will focus on…

  • Continuing to diversify our customer base
  • Driving our strategic differentiation through the new operating model
  • Exploring new opportunities for growth in markets, geographies and technologies
  • Developing further a diversified and robust earnings stream
  • Delivering the financial performance to support our ambitions


Annual 2015 Report (4.8MB)