Our proven track record as a reliable partner helps us to build strong strategic customer relationships that we call 'Customer Mindshare'.



By engaging with our customers at every stage of the design process, we create value by providing creative solutions and engineering innovation. Speed of design, innovation and reliable fulfilment throughout the design and production cycle is of primary importance for many of our customers. For others, it is our ability to create mission-critical connectivity solutions in the most demanding environments. 


High standards of quality engineering, precision manufacturing expertise and manufacturing facilities close to our key customers ensure that we are able to deliver consistent quality throughout the peaks of production demand, smoothly and efficiently. This is a capability that few of our competitors can match, and it underpins our well-deserved reputation for reliable fulfilment.


The speed with which we service customers, from design through to delivery, is highly valued by our customers. We ensure that our production capabilities match our customers’ needs so that our 4 customers never wait for our components. We have the ability to create rapid prototypes which helps our customers accelerate their product development.
The differentiation we offer through innovation, reliable fulfilment and speed means that our customers know that they can rely on us. The confidence that customers have in us as innovative design partners and consultants, combined with our position as an essential supply chain supplier, sets us apart from the competition. It is this customer mindshare that underpins our business model.