Customer mindshare: long-term collaboration and reliable fulfilment

Our business model focuses on becoming a trusted partner to our customers by providing a differentiated solution and unique customer value. This is manifested in our business model by:

  • creating innovative customer solutions that anticipate market changes and provide our customers with a step jump in competitive advantage (Innovation);
  • ensuring high quality engineering and manufacturing processes that are able to meet rapid changes in customer demand to keep production lines running (Reliable fulfilment);
  • enabling accelerated new product launches by delivering unparallelled speed and access throughout the customer design process (Speed); and
  • driving higher levels of customer engagement and fostering long-term strategic partnerships to define the future product and service needs (Customer mindshare).

Customer mindshare - Laird design, innovation and speed, Customers, Laird manufacturing, reliable fulfilment and speed

Strategic differentiation

Our business model is underpinned by our partnership with our customers who rely on our expertise in developing innovative solutions, combined with our commitment to reliable fulfilment and speed in responding to their needs. Our long-term partnerships, or ‘customer mindshare’ help us to penetrate new product lines and platforms and thereby grow our business, creating long term value for our shareholders. We discuss our strategic vision in more detail in “Our strategy”.

Innovation: first point of contact

Our design engineers engage with customers at every stage of the design process, creating value by providing creative solutions and engineering innovation. For some of our customers, speed of design, innovation and reliable fulfilment throughout the design and production cycle is of primary importance. For other customers, it is our ability to create mission-critical connectivity solutions in the most demanding environments, from stadiums to ports, mining and railways, that reinforces our customer mindshare.

Reliable fulfilment: meeting customer demand throughout the product cycle

High standards of quality engineering, precision manufacturing expertise and manufacturing facilities close to our key customers ensure that we are able to deliver consistent quality throughout the peaks of production demand, smoothly and efficiently, regardless of customer demand. This is a capability that few of our competitors can match, and it underpins our well-deserved reputation for reliable fulfilment. We have extensive manufacturing facilities around the globe, located close to our customers for just-in-time fulfilment.

By having on-site testing and the highest industry accreditation, we provide assurance for customers across a wide range of demanding and harsh industrial applications.

Speed: fast response through the design and production cycle

One of our strategic differentiators is the speed with which we service customers, from design through to delivery. Customers highly value our ability to combine design innovation with fast and reliable fulfilment. We ensure that our production capabilities match our customers’ needs so that our customers never wait for our components.

We also have the ability to create rapid prototypes through our acquisition of Model Solution which helps our customers accelerate their product development. Building prototypes also helps strengthen our customer relationships, giving us valuable insight into future trends and designs.